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Dave Chappelle season 3 preview…am I late?

‘You might recognize this as a tyrna-saur-ous rex egg…each one of these bitches is 4 million years old a piece!!!’ There is a chance I am late with this…cause I don’t watch tv, but this little trailer/preview thing is absolutely hilarious. Just the MTV Cribs thing is enough right there. Forget having 100 pairs of crispy air-ones, dude has his own sweat-shop in his closet. Dave Chappelle is a wild genius. I honestly can’t think of much else to type here. He has a B-grade looking Alf in a skit. I mean…what else could I type?! Check the link. If I’m late on this…then, my bad. If I’m not…then why isn’t anyone else talking about this?! ***Oh…did anybody see this?!?!