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Zena Holloway’s Underwater Photography!!

Wow… I’m constantly impressed these days with a lot of photographers…but every now and then I come across one whose work makes you shake your head in confusion as to how they do what they do, get the colors they get, the composition…everything. Even if there is post production involved - sometimes it doesn’t matter because they make it so seamless. Take, for example, Zena Holloway’s photography. It’s all based underwater - and it’s pretty breathtaking I must say. The picture I used for the thumbnail of this post is one of my favorites - the divers with all those fish swarmed around them! Wow…what I like about her work - not only is it beautiful but it’s fascinating because it all takes place deep in the sea - somewhere that I don’t spend a great deal of time, ha…Anyways - it’s also important you take a look at her films. Beautiful! Make sure to check out my favorite photo on her site - Set #1, the middle photo in the bottom row. The divers with the shark in the middle…for Greenpeace. I love that…Anyways, check out her site. below…