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Zap! Benz confirms they’re doing an electric Gullwing!

Alright, now I should really only have positive things to write about with something like this. And trust me, I think its super cool that MB is doing this. But I’m going to be honest - I think its too abstract. The Gullwing is iconic - a super classic - and I don’t really think that’s a good place to start for Benz with an exploration into electric cars. Fair enough, they’re following the same path as Tesla doing something super hi-end first to grab public attention - but Mercedes isn’t a start-up like Tesla - so I’m not sure if thats teh best approach. Could you imagine them being like ‘oh yeah, we’re doing the new E-class couple in a fully electric version for 2011’??? People would flip out - the orders would be in the 1000’s right off the bat. Seriously, LA would be literally covered with them. I’m stoked on this electric Gullwing - but somebody, please, come out with something thats an entry-level luxury priced purchase and isn’t super over-the-top design wise. Like - let’s just get things rolling, let’s make it normal! Again though, this car is going to be pretty amazing.