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You really like Project Runway?

I find this show pretty entertaining. Why? Cause its cool to see fashion designers whip up some crazy concept and intricate garment ready to show in a couple hours. It plays into the fact that I am design junkie. Summer TV is always lackluster and not much is really catching my attention. I don’t even have a TV in my place, its at her house, but I don’t really mind, too busy for TV. However, this Project Runway show just started up again last night and I am already into it. My mom is a seamstress so I grew up around sewing machines and all that. Watching the show last night I couldn’t help but wonder what this show would be like translated to the streetwear fashion industry. Could you imagine…the judges would be A-ron, Lupe, and Hiroshi. A challenge would be to design a hoodie that wasn’t all over print…or design a logo straight cut & paste style without any Adobe products…ha ha. They could call the show… ** paging Benjamin or Chuck** What should we call this show? By the way, I am suing if I see this show on Bravo next season. Although, if you cut THE BRILLIANCE a check it’s a go.