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Yohji Yamamoto X Adidas = Perfection.

Who can top this? For real, who can? Yohji Yamamoto X Adidas is Y-3, I really hope that isn’t news to anyone. Y-3 has the luxury sportswear/street wear thing in a death grip. The new line shows the true versatility of Yamamoto and Adidas’ incredible willingness to let Y-3 take creative risks. I’m loving the nautical theme shirts and jackets, so new and clean. Something I don’t think Y-3 gets enough credit for is the quality of their product… The fabrics, the cuts, the finishes, zippers, the seams, and overall attention to details are all so ‘thought out’ feeling. I would advise that you own at least one piece of Y-3. But please don’t buy one lime-green track jacket and wear it all the time, so obvious. They make stuff in black for that reason.