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YES! New Saab Turbo X coming out in 2008!

Yeah…I love Saabs. I drive an Aero 9-5 right now, the just-previous body style with the proper lower front end, boxed-out hood, etc…all the Saab elements I love…almost all. It’s not as loud as the old school ‘hair-dyer-turbos’ from the 80s, but its still quite Saabish. So yeah, check the link below to one of my favorite auto blogs, – they got a little teaser on it. That picture looks NUTS. I hope they really bring back that old feel. I believe it gets announced tomorrow at the Frankfurt Auto Show…so stay tuned to for updates. Or here if I feel like its worth posting about again. ***Remember the Saabs in Dame Dash’s ‘Paid In Full’? Ha…