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Yahoo! Brickhouse!

Yikes…where have I been? No posts…in a long time. I’ve actually been a bit ‘heads down’ with a bunch of super cool projects…yes, super cool. But I’m jumping back into it…technology ‘stuff’ of course. So I’ve been hearing a bit more here-and-there about Yahoo’s new initiative called ‘Brickhouse’ – and while it hasn’t actually been announced yet they are starting to talk to the press and have even announced their first project – Yahoo Pipes. The skinny: Yahoo Brickhouse is a bit of a think-tank environment within their own walls that allows their employees to simply pursue cool/new ideas for web-based businesses and then Yahoo fosters them should they grow legs. The idea is that instead of losing their employee’s great ideas when they decide to jump-ship and start their own deal – to instead actually give them a job as a ‘thinker + sub-entrepreneur’ of sorts at Brickhouse where Yahoo can incubate their ideas and of course still own the final product should it be successful. It’s basically just like a full-time version of Google’s ‘one-day-a-week’ thing where you can pursue creative ideas you think might be hits. In all honesty its not really a terribly innovative idea, and any hard-core entrepreneur is still going to want ownership and not just a ‘bonus’ when whatever idea they may have had pops…but I do think it’s a sharp move by Yahoo, and something we will continue to see in other industries besides the net. So yeah, that’s that – I’m going to get my car washed, BRB, LOL, CYA L8R.