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Y-3 Fall/Winter Line!

Yessir. Sometimes I forget how incredible Y-3 can be both with their actual pieces as well as their delivery and execution. This season’s actual pieces and website display this well, for real. I’ll be honest, I miss the ‘walking in-place’ thing they have had one their site for a while…but this new concrete cube based setup is real fresh. So clean. And that wild combination of what sounds like a racket-ball game and muted conversations is nice and eerie. I like it quite a bit. I also like the line…I would call it a little bit more grown up this time around. Wool sweaters, more subdued and classic colors, great simple sneakers, some real fresh military-style inspired stuff for the ladies, and as always, some great classics like hoodies and warm-up pants. Y-3 stays doing their thing with little to no over-saturation in the market and just enough haters to keep it popular. I need to re-up my Y-3 stash.