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Wired’s sneak-peak at how the iPhone came about!

Of course I’m going to post this up. Kind of a given. While its not the super, nitty gritty details, behind-the-scenes look at how the iPhone came to life…its probably about as close as we’ll get for a while…before the book comes out. And seriously, I imagine they could write a book about it. Anyway, its just cool to get little quips and details of information about how such an amazing product from an amazing company came to life. Some interesting points: Its estimated that Apple spent about $150m to create the iPhone, which to me, doesn’t sound like that much compared with what other companies spend on R&D. There were roughly 200 engineers tasked with the project. The software team and the hardware team worked completely separate to keep things secret, secure - neither group ever had a full view of what they were working on. At the keynote when it was first demoed only about 30 people had ever seen the finished model - wow. The prototype model wasn’t working well, or pretty much at all, only a few months before they keynote. Etc, etc. Wired did a good job pulling together as many facts as Apple would allow into a nice little read. The revenue sharing AT&T does with Apple is pretty nuts as well. Good read..check it out.