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"WiFi & Water" ~ our interview with Tremaine and Acyde of No Vacancy Inn!

"Water & Wifi"–who has a better "tag-line"? Honestly though. Been a fan of Tremaine and Acyde for a with the rest of the world, we connected on DM, then parties, etc, and it only made sense to link for a quick interview. They have one of "those"'s either incredibly tough–in a good way–to explain the magic of Tremaine & Acyde's No Vacancy Inn,'s incredibly simple. Is it a party, or a the zeitgeist's roaming church? In a way, it doesn't really matter. You either "get it" now, or you eventually will–as everything thing these two guys touch seems to be perfectly ahead of it's time. We talk on everything from mobile phone plans, cities as nations, what "culture" really is, and everything in-between. Link below, etc!