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WHY ARE WHITE on WHITE AIR FORCE 1’s relevant again?

Basically every mini-style era has a perfect shoe to go along with it. Girls, flats, stilettos-in-the-club cues Crime Mob, Marants, platform heels, TOM FORD vibe heels, or strappy whatevers. For guys, there is that omni-present post American Apparel Vans Eras wave. I never did Stan Smiths but that was a moment, Air max 1, proper running shoe vibe, Jordans (whoa overload), and now white/white uptowns are having their moment but why? I always steered clear of them like the plague in the Rocafella-era when like Dame Dash swapped in for a new pair everyday. The sole was always giving giving me ‘candy-raver-platform’ shoe vibes and the toe is too abrupt. But in 2013 its fine. They are like summer timb boots. I am attributing it your the now new standard silhouette of jeans for kids. Isn’t it crazy that what you once thought were skinny jeans are now crazy baggy. There is something about white going on right now too. Summer crispy and summer crispy turned dirty. I am admittedly addicted by dirty white jeans. Was never into things feeling “brand-new”. Dirty white sneakers. Lets go. This post gonna get real random but thats what THE BRILLIANCE IS. If you ask me the dirt adds a layer of reality. Just a clue of where my heads at. Diamonds are a trends best friend. THE BRILLIANCE CNN of these #streets. Reporting live.