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Who Cares?!?!

This is similar to those ‘Deep Thoughts’ post we make. Nothing here is worthy of its own post…just some random whatevers…...............but who cares?!?!
+ Me in Air Max 90s? I’m considering switching out from Stan Smiths. I’m serious too. Chuck doesn’t believe me. I’m getting sick of white-whites…been rocking them for like 4+ years straight. Who cares?!
+ I saw some news article about people who waited in line for 2 days at a Niketown in NYC for some sneakers. I’m sorry, but that is just dumb. Big dummy status. Get a…
+ I went to…get this…a high school football game this weekend. It was a favor for a friend. I felt terribly out of place. But at the same time it was kind of fun. Only because I had my Treo.
+ This ‘Big Boi Presents: Got Purp?’ is a great CD for real. Just listened to the whole thing. The ‘Kryptonite’ track…yessur.
+ Thanksgiving in the Chicagoland area. Super-thick crowds on Friday, $27 3-hour parking, someone insisting we get popcorn from Garrett’s, etc…but I can’t wait. Big shout out to my family.