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Where in the World: Paris Men’s Fashion Week!!!

Crazy. The architecture…the lifestyle…top notch. Fashion week just wrapped up and only two words can describe the experience…too-inspirational. The lady and I hit Raf Simons Saturday and I tagged along yesterday with the fashion team on Sunday which seemed be the main events of the week. In the morning Lanvin, (proving they still hold the title as my favorite house) The Sartorialist told me afterwards this what a long fashion week needed. In the afternoon the almighty Dior Homme, which in my book is a sign the the fashion press and new Dior Denim lovers have sold Kris Van Assche short . You know I was snapping pictures the whole time just to remember the experience…only stopping myself because I was like, snap I gotta act like I belong here, HA. Kinda hard with when your watching Karl Lagerfield & Bernard Arnault (LV!) across the way sitting behind So-Me and Justice knodding to their tune they orchreasted for the Dior show. Riding around Paris at night blasting Justice was worth the trip alone…Paris is an amazing city…the shops were cool, still too expensive but that didn’t stop me from getting a custom order in at Goyard hours before I bounced. (full-on post to come) The nightlife was as fresh, great dinners all over the city. At Le Baron ran into Aron. Caught a Kenna live show. What else could I ask for? Nothing.