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Where in the World: London!!

Yeah, last minute, literally, jetted out to London. I love this city. Highlight of the trip thus far is checking out Dover Street Market. They have all this fresh Chanel ‘Paris to London’ product. Finally a select shop that delivers, every square foot of the shop has something different and cool. The best displays/visual merchandising in the world. One major problem…the USD is worth as much as dust. I can’t afford a damn thing. Great window shopping tho. I was fortunate to hit the N.E.R.D. show at Brixton Academy. ‘Seeing Sounds’ the new album more than deliverers and their live show on the full stage is a high energy throwdown. The place went nuts to all of the old and new tracks. Pharrell was saying they were using the footage for the next video, ‘Spazz’. When it drops you’ll see how crazy it actually was in there. Stay tuned.