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What’s up with that?!

Ok, ok…It’s time to ask “what’s up with that?!” with your host Charles Charles. And heeeeere we go!!!

•These Palm Pre commercials with the Conan O’Brien/Lt. Data looking girl talking to herself and then using her Pre like its the second coming of Christ. WHAT IS UP WITH THIS. Modernista! does some really awesome stuff but these commercials, while memorable for the simplicity, are way too melodramatic and creepy. Check out this remix of it though
•Jimmy Fallon’s monologue. What’s up!? The rest of the show isn’t bad and all the audience interaction is quite funny…but just cut the monologue altogether. They already made it shorter because it’s painful to watch…figure out a new way to come out and uh, ‘break the ice’.
•Celebrities using Twitter to communicate publicly. You have each other’s numbers. Just text. Unless you’re Gucci Mane
•People still designing sites that open automatically into full-screen windows. Hey, not cool…I can’t believe some sites still do this. Respectable ones too! YO! WAZZZZAAAPPPP WITH THAAAAATTTTTTTTTTT
•You haven’t found a theater to go see ‘ANVIL - The Story of Anvil’ in yet!? Go see it, duh! What’s up with that!? - seriously one of the best you’ll see this year
•Hey. Don’t bring your little kids into R-rated movies. You make me feel really, really awkward and make yourself look like a jerk. What’s up with this?! Read on some forum about somebody seeing Bruno and sitting down the aisle from an 8 year old kid. This is not alright.
•On a lighter note…well, I don’t know…weirder. Antwuan Dixon. Dude. What is UP!? Dixon on the cover of Thrasher. On closer look, I guess it’s not that bad. Oh wait, nevermind.
•Me not posting more than once a month lately?!? What’s up with this!? Well, it has been easily the busiest year ever for NoPattern and July was maybe the busiest month I’ve had all year. Almost time for a little vacation next week. Can’t wait. Lots of good things coming up in the fall…that’s all that’s up.

Over and out.