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What’s important: Twitter’s search!! Duh?

This might be a ‘duh’ to everyone, but Twitter’s search seems to matter to me more and more everyday. So first off, press/media and getting press/media attention is a funny thing. The first time you get it for a project you’ve done, business you own, etc, etc you’re like ‘whoa, I’m being talked about!’ Or are you?? I remember my first time getting in the local business paper here in GR I was so stoked, front page, etc…and oddly it did very little for the traffic/awareness of my project. Maybe because of the reader demographic, etc, who knows. But I remember realizing, ‘wait, these papers are in the business of having pages full of articles..thats pretty much it’ and then I kind of grasped that papers, blogs, etc, will write about anything to simply get content. And 99% of the time the writer isn’t some fabulous taste-maker - they’re simply doing their job. So, the reality is, I was indeed being talked about…but by only one person, that writer. When I launched my last project, I pretty much stopped checking what blogs/press outlets where saying and strictly relied on Twitter’s search function to see what ‘the people’ where saying. People were giving their opinions, thoughts, likes, dislikes, etc, and it was all happening in real-time and quickly. I then searched a competitors name and found very little - even though they had considerably more traditional press than I did. Was super validating - my product was getting more traction with the actual public - the consuming public. I’m still figuring out where I sit with Twitter personally…but I guess that doesn’t matter does it? The public has already made their decision and that collective decision has made for some pretty awesome free market-research available to everyone who wants it.