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What blogs I read: The Life Files!

This was hard to find a little image for…in fact so was the last post I made. So blogs I read…I guess the real question is: do any of the people who read THE BRILLIANCE care? I’ll just assume some do, ha. Enter The Life Files or Virgil actually put me on to this quite a while back – glad he did. The content is actually a bit hard to classify – little bit of hip-hop culture, street/niche culture, pop culture, celebrity gossip, paparazzi, fashion stuff, and some randoms – all good stuff. It’s kind of ‘right-by-the-checkout-magazine-rack’ that you only read while on vacation, you know? And, the big plus, its often updated…love that. We should update our site more often, ha. So yeah, its Monday morning and that’s my post.