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Well balanced: Magazine B!!

Print isn't dead, it just went on vacation for a few years while the Internet found its footing. In 2017 it feels like there are far fewer magazine offerings overall but the ones that are still going or have gotten started in recent years really actually matter. One of my very favorite publications right now is B, or Magazine B - an incredibly focused magazine that features one single brand per issue, highlighting stories, sentiments, and the cultures behind & surrounding each one. Founded in 2012, the brands they've chosen to highlight are always on point and the range is pretty incredible: Intelligentsia, Lego, Porter, Diptyque, Rimowa, Helvetica, San Pellegrino, Rolex, Star Wars, Vans, Maison Margiela..(the newest issue on Apple Music!) name a few. This is starting to read like a summary of topics we've written about here on THE BRILLIANCE! over the years. What I love about B is that by focusing on a single brand, they're creating these print relics that are really worth holding onto, like these mini bibles for each one they focus on that are kind of designed to stand the test of time. I really love that. They do a great job keeping it an easy read too - it goes deep, but never too 'inside baseball'. Produced by Korean creative group JOH & COMPANY, they also receive no advertising profit or financial backing from any of the brands they feature, which is quite admirable. Truly a labor of love. Truly a sort of very-grown-up DIY fanzine. Head to their internet bookstore and support the new wave of print.