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Weekend recap! NYC!!

Nah thanks Ben, I’ll just put my comments up here. Wow. What a fun weekend. Seriously thanks to EVERYBODY who came and talked to me after I spoke and who talked with both me and Ben about THE BRILLIANCE. Semi-Permanent was a blast - lots of great speakers, people, food, sponsors, walking around the city…just everything was great. I just have to mention a few specific people who I met this weekend…Brianna and Vivian from XLR8R, Wendy HU!, Johnny Cupcakes, Joel Speasmaker, Barbara and Nicole, Toby from Burton, Ben Eneone, all the speakers of course, The Chopping Block guys, the Star Trak guys, Robert Trautman, Sally from Mass Appeal, Kareem Black!, Chantal the DJ (ha), and last but certainly not least, Mark the Cobra Snake, seen here in this picture of me and him at the closing night party. Look at this, with all my ghetto shout-outs. Anyways, the speakers were all good, food was great, jumping off the dresser onto the beds in our hotel room was great, everybody asking me if I was nervous was great…yeah. We’ll post some pictures real soon for everyone to see. What a weekend though…Sorry if I forgot to mention anyone I/we met, too many people to list. On another note, I just had hot wings and played blackjack and plan to clean my place tonight because it’s really messy. Also I have some stamps sitting on my desk. ***Yo…ditto on all that Chuck said and all the shout outs! Thanks to our Aussie friends for swapping rooms at the hotel - benjamin