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Weekend = Chicago, Clipse, Late Nights, too much fun!

All I want to do is ride around shining… Hell of a weekend. I headed down to Chicago last Thursday to catch up with my parents and hang with Virgil a bit. He already had the Clipse tickets hooked-up for Friday night…jeez…show was perfecto. And hey, that line at the Metro was as vicious as the whipping wind…nothing a little ‘social engineering’ can’t fix, ha. So anyway, yeah – the show was too fresh, they have a great stage presence. After that we hit ‘Undergound’ in the loop…many, many thanks to Curtis for the hook-up – that club was a Diddy video, whoa. Saturday called for some shopping, good stuff as always – one thing I miss living in Grand Rapids. And another great-night-late-night in Wikcer Park on Saturday to round things out…I needed a mental break and this past weekend was medicine…maybe it was all the vodka tonics. Thanks to all the crew, new and old, we met up with – too much fun.