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Chilled weekend…the big party Friday night was good, and the fireworks last night were better than the fourth of July ones. So some things: (1) Supreme is an amazing brand. Can’t say their retail space in NYC clicks with me…but I honestly love the brand - heritage, integrity, etc. I dig the new website. (2) Keeping it New York - congrats A-ron on the gangstore feature in the NY times. (3) Rob Bell said he thinks Jon Stewart might be a prophet. Interesting stuff. (4) So gas here is now only like $2.31 a gallon. I swear like 3-4 weeks ago it was $3.15…no joke. I honestly don’t even know if I want to say this, but: a great way for ‘big oil’ to compete with all this green thinking is to rewind the clock to when the prices didn’t make us think about being green…right?! (5) Chilly weather is back and I love this jacket. Have a good Sunday everyone…