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We Were Once A Fairytale, A short film by Kanye and Spike Jonze.

You know, I’ve been, dare I say, a loyal Kanye fan for quite some time. His production, his music, his taste, and maybe even more so his apparent lack of pretention in just being himself - totally un-edited. Its cliche, yeah, to be like: ‘oh, I love when someone is just themselves’ - but I distinctly remember Kanye being on 106 and Park when College Dropout was just about to come out - he was wearing this bright blue corduroy polo blazer - and jumped off the sofa and said something to the effect that he was you, he was everyone in the audience, he was the fan that got too close to stage. I’ve never really looked at him as simply an entertainer - he’s always been an artist that uses any medium he see’s fit to present his work. Be that pop-music, proper street music, fame, antics, fashion, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc. All as a medium. This isn’t a post for me to gush about him, etc, its more the context that I watch his latest creation in. Its all about context isn’t it?? All that said, have a look - link below.