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We’ve got a new interview! Jason Fried of 37signals!

I’m not sure how many times we’ve said it…but we really love being able to do interviews. In fact, I’d say its one of major reasons we even started this site…to connect with people we find brilliant, fascinating, interesting, etc. Our process of picking who we want to interview is pretty ‘organic’ as well… I noticed the other day that both Chuck and myself had mentioned 37signals in a post 1 or 2 times in the recent past and thought “hmm, why don’t we just reach out for an interview?” That’s pretty much that. Jason was nice enough to give us some time and more importantly, a really insightful/fun-to-read interview. I think this will stand as one of our classics. And you really have to love our juxtaposition/contrast with who we interview… Just before Jason was Verbal, the fashion/influence icon of Japan and after him comes Jason, who’s pretty much THE guy in web applications via 37signals. I dig that. So yeah, a big thank you to Jason and all the people who’ve done interviews with us. We really appreciate it!