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We’re still alive!

Whoa! No posts in quite a while. Chuck’s on the road touring with his screamo band and I’ve been tending to my rare orchid garden. Just kidding…? Anyway, yeah, let me do another one of these posts. This whole ‘Second Life’ and virtual world gaming stuff is a bit weird to me, cool they are making money, but still weird. Where the hell is Sprint’s new Treo? I’ve been biking quite a bit lately, check for me in traffic. The big-wig got back to me, but it was a ‘no’. Still pretty amazing that he even fielded my proposal. I have a visitor in for weekend, they’ve never been to the Midwest, should be interesting. I heard DG got attacked by a rather large rat in the wee hours of an NYC night. I’m addicted to those Starbucks Frapp things in the glass bottles. Nice weather, finally. A real good friend of mine took a vacation from life and is currently 4 months into his travel around the world, very inspiring, shout to Johnny B. Speaking of traveling, I just watched ‘The Beach’ the other night, hadn’t seen it in a while, great flick. I gotta go to the airport in 1.5 hours. Lynx Air is an awesome company, google them. ABC’s ‘Lost’ is…enough to drive you crazy. I heard they are making all sorts of web sites that are mysteriously linked to the show. Unrelated, and they haven’t launched yet, but is pretty nice. I go there too much, but Bar Divani just never gets old to me. Keep grinding, keep moving…we’ll start updating more next week.