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We’re like Sports Center for these Apple events!

Man, this is one of the first keynote I missed watching live - I suck at taking red-eyes from West to East, oh boy. Feels good to be back writing these. So yeah, blow-by-blow, too much to cover, nerd-out:

The opening animation: Most important part of the whole keynote. Perfect, perfect.

iOS 7: Its been a long time since there has been a standing ovation at a keynote. I want to know how long they worked on this. I can’t imagine overhauling something like this - so much changed. Hardware designer doing software design is the magical part of this - feel like only Apple can do it and make it work. I personally love it. Love the thought that there are “layers” to it - brilliant - my favorite part. I’m not, like, 100% on the icon designs - thats that feeling of new stuff, Apple hasn’t felt this new since…I guess iOS came out. Feels like paper, and I dig that. So yeah the grid design system, rethinking fonts used, the layer concept, the flatness that matches the physical device finally, motion sensing effect - wow, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc. It’s all pretty amazing. So much stuff…too much to talk about. Actually makes me want to get the white iPhone for the first time.

New OS X Mavericks: Lots of little details. Important stuff is: tons of detail stuff on power consumption, computing power, memory use, etc. The “tagging” feature is cool - but I feel like its going to be cluttered unless you’re like super intense about using it religiously. All this stuff for OS X Mavricks is tilting towards developers/creators/pro users, etc. Steve Jobs: “Computers are trucks, tablets are cars.”

The new MacPro: Phil Schiller almost lost it, got super TURNT, lol - they should have played Waka Flocka. Can’t wait to see how much that thing is going to cost. It looks brilliant. I honestly feel like Steve must have had a lot to do with this, for real. Reminds me of the cube that never really worked out. Love that it looks like a jet-engine. Made in the USA!

iRadio: I’m the worst with this radio stuff. I always looked at the radio as so old school, its: sequential access vs. random access.

iWork for iCloud: You know they played rock-paper-scissor for who had to do that. Snoozed out.

That new Belgium store: Interesting they are keeping the theatre in there.

Dress-code: Yoooo, Eddy Cue especially, button that shirt up bro bro! Then again, dude is on the board of Ferarri. I can see him in meetings: “guys guys guys, why don’t we just make ALL the cars yellow with red interiors?!”

And a huge shout-out to Craig Federighi & Pixar character Phil Schiller for being actually “human” when presenting and going off-script a bit. I’m a Tim Cook fan - but he’s a bit robotic for me, and whether Apple wants it or not, these keynotes are a spectator sport, have been for a minute, and that humanness Steve had was a big part of it.

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