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VW x Google Earth!

What a X good idea. Oh my X gosh. So anyway, this really is a good idea. They say the electronics research lab guys from VW have been hanging with the Google Earth team to try and figure out a way to use the whole Google Earth application as an in-car/in-dash 3D navigation system in upcoming VW models. Honestly, that’s a good idea. The link below is to a little story on Engadget about it, doesn’t say too much, but you know these two companies working together is only a good thing. While I can’t say Google is most esthetically focused company, they do have almost perfect execution of their ideas, and VW is really, really doing their thing with interfaces in their cars…my sister just got the new Jetta and I have to say, it is quite nice. So yeah, navigation systems in cars are usually somewhat boring…the LR3 one is pretty cool, but other than that they are boring. So this could be a nice little change. What they really need to do is figure out how to have it find restaurants, points of interest, etc in real time when the car is in a WiFi spot…or something like that. I’m back to posting! And I got another one coming…