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VW, safe happens!

Had to do a quick post on this. 2 reasons why. One, I made a ‘snap’ post on the new Jetta when it first came out. While I’m not 100% into the design, the interior is fantastic even on the base models and the overall execution is great. Two, this new ‘Safe Happens’ commercial is great. I literally just saw it, jumped on my computer to make this post. Jetta is perfect at this whole ‘regular life’ commercial atheistic..honestly, its almost hard to describe, but they get it perfect in each commercial. I just loved the commercial. I wish I had a link to the video…couldn’t find it on their site or on youtube, so if you got a link to it hit us up. Just in case, the one I am referencing is the one where the two guys are driving and yakking about using the word ‘like’ too much….and then bam! That accident is wild how you see the airbags pop real quick…and the guys gets out like ‘holy…’ Simple thing, but I’m into it! That’s my post…time for dinner. ***New ink directly to the YouTube of the video…many thanks to Craig.