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Volvo: By 2020, no death or injury in their cars!?

As a Volvo owner myself, I have to say it is true you feel very safe driving one. It’s such a solid feeling ride. I bought my S40 just before the nasty winter came 2 years ago and it was honestly the first time driving on such icy roads that I didn’t feel worried I’d end up backwards in a ditch. Anyways, just caught this story from Drudge...“Volvo to produce injury-proof car by 2020”. See the video/story here. Basically, they are trying to push the limits of how the mechanies of a car and the mechanics of a human can interact to create the safest driving experience. Admittedly it will not be an easy task to accomplish this but they say they want to create the perfect vehicle that can act as a complete bumper/bubble to the passengers. Much like Ben’s post below about Carrotmob, you have to love when people truly put their minds to the test to see how much better they can make life for the people who inhabit our planet. Just think if Volvo is able to create some sort of technology over the next 12 years that truly minimizes the 1.3 million car deaths and 50 million car injuries that happen every year, other auto companies will begin to adapt and learn from their example to truly make driving safer. I love what they’re doing with the anti-drunk-driving technology already and in time I’m sure it’s safe to say that we will be able to worry less and less on the road. Unless you’re living in New Jersey. My experience there is that Volvo has very little hope.