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Virgil is: still in Tokyo via NYC!!!

Its been a crazy string of fun events, I have no clue what day it is and what time it is back home, all I know is I left Chicago, bags fully packed and I have enough clean clothes to last me till tomorrow. Packing is half the battle. This work trip started out with a gang of fun at the Murakami art opening in Brooklyn. Highlight of that was seeing the bootleg ridden chinatown Canal Street leading into the actual building since Murakami’s print is the most bootlegged LV print…so cool seeing $3,000 bags on the ground. I appreciate seeing a huge brand like that have fun with their image in a satrical way. The event was fresh, seeing who could grab the most placemats after dinner was even part of the excitement. Next stop Tokyo…we landed and went straight to the Worldwide Bape Show. NER*D ripped the stage. Their double drummer and perfect energy makes for a super cool set. Their next album is gonna be something serious! Much of this week has been spent working day ‘n night. We did break away and eat dinner at Nobu. The food definitely lived up to the expectation, toasting Nigo with the same wine that Bape celebrated their grand opening with was something special too. Flickr time.