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Vintage hip hop flyers!

Whoa. I would love to have a handful of these. This guy could makes some wild cash selling reproductions of these. But wow, how things have changed. I hate to be that dude like, ‘…man, it was so much better back in the day…’ But honestly, it was truly so much ‘fresher’ back then. So much more fun looking. Just parties, functions, block parties where a new pair of sneakers would get you props…you didn’t have to have a Range Rover and $20k in jewelry…and no mean mugs either! Come to think of it, break dancers always had some super cheese smile on their face. Anyway, this collection is insane; I love the hand drawn stuff, so classic. Really, just classic. Ch-ch-ch-check it out! Cold chilling, cause that’s just the breaks! Thanks to Al Cabino on this.