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Vilebrequin swim trunks!

Swim suits. I almost always buy them last minute…and from the mall of all places…so needless to say they aren’t very fashionable. In fact, I think the ones I packed on this trip actually have cargo pockets, actually go all the way to my knee, and that typical Hawaiian all-over pattern. More ‘MTV-spring-break-2003’ than the other gear you catch me sans the beach. Fortunately my man Rick put me onto Vilebrequin. As he said it: ‘Kind of the only swim suit that matters.’ And I’ll vouch for that…especially after grabbing a pair myself here in St. Barths. It’s like the classic case of a niche/interesting brand that would grab my attention. Heritage, great story, amazing attention to detail, super unique design/patterns but still understated, and a following of like-minded buyers. Seriously, the pattern selection is amazing…the shop I hit most have had over 100 different styles. I kept it simple, navy blue with the tiny white dots. So yeah…check the site, they even have web-based ordering for the US (which is of course a negative for some, ha). I would recommend the short cut version - do something new and ‘proper’ you know?