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Verified Identity Pass, Inc!

$79.95 and a magical “you’re cool” from TSA will get you through airport security real easy and breezy. This new company Verified Identity Pass, Inc. is trying to get rid of the embarrassing pat-downs, interrogation, luggage rummaging and scary looks you randomly get when going through airport security. Now, personally, I don’t know anything about this…never had any issues. My man Chuck on the other hand has been groped in front of quite a few people @ Midway that one time. I thought it was one of the funniest things I’d ever seen…he on the other hand didn’t. To be honest, I checked their corporate site and couldn’t really find much on exactly what having this new bio-metric card does for me. Do they not check anything?! They said something about not having to take off your shoes…which would be a real good look for Chuck. Ha. Either way…after going through security in La Guardia on 9/11 this weekend, I thought I would post about this. Check this news article from I just realized its V.I.P. – clever.