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Vans & Supreme!

Few things…I don’t like ‘stealing’ news, the whole something x another-thing is really old, I have massive respect for Supreme - but only own one piece from them (someone talked!)… With all that said, these are so fresh. First of all I love Vans, they are the definition of classic. I used to skate the ‘boat shoe’ ones until the ollie area was blown out and I was scraping skin on every ollie…since they were canvas it only took like 3 days to blow them out. I had the mid-top Mike Carroll’s too! But either way, this collaboration right here is so fresh. It’s also really varied, quite a few models. The stars are fresh out…the royal blue and orange ones are bananas! So check for the exclusive first-look. Much respect to Beinghunted, Vans, and Supreme. I mean…I might even switch out the Stan Smiths for a moment.