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US Virgin Islands & British Virgin Islands…my wrap up!

So what can you really say?? I touched down in St. Thomas on the 26th of December…and it just keeps getting better everyday. Here is a quick run-down of the spots we’ve swung past or anchored at: St. Thomas, Tortola, Norman Island, Peter Island, Virgin Gorda…and more to come. It’s wild, I mean, how many islands related posts have I made on this site?! Then to get to see all this stuff in person…just too cool. The beaches? Just like in the pictures. The water? Yeah, super, super warm, crystal clear. Snorkeling? Looks like a screen saver, amazing. The stars at night? Pretty much spiritual. The Baths at Virgin Gorda? Other-worldly looking and super fun to climb on. The overall vibe? I’ve got that irie feeling, ha. I don’t even like rum…but I’ve been sipping all sorts of ‘painkillers’ and other multi-colored drinks. I even visited the OG ‘painkiller’ bar known as Pusser’s. They had good Caribbean Jerk wings too. No Buffalo Wild Wings around these parts…ha. So yeah, that has been the first part of my trip, the USVI and the BVI. Now I’m in the French West Indies…I woke up this morning in St. Barths with Paul Allen’s boat right next to ours. I mean…?? Check the Flickr set at the link below. ***Pictures are up now.