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URB’s Loose Tooth Charity Auction!

This Thursday, tomorrow, URB Magazine will be hosting a silent auction with all proceeds going to the American Red Cross for victims of both Rita and Katrina. Up for grabs are a pair of the first series Roc-a-fella Air Ones as well as (and more interesting) the first published copy of Martha Cooper’s ‘Hip-Hop Files: 1979 -1984’ a beautiful pictorial of hip-hop’s first few years. Back when they thought it was just a fad. The Air Ones along with another rare pair of shoes were donated by the NYC Flight Club (very gracious of them) and the book is signed by Martha Cooper herself…very cool. What else…Shepard Fairy is DJing the night, there are tons of give-aways from Obey, New Balance, and Royal Elastics just to name a few… More importantly, this event is helping people who really need it right now. Throw it down in Hollywood, check the link below for more info. The Cobra Snake will be there as well, and if you haven’t figured out why that is good yet, then…you’re missing something. Shout out to Joey The Intern!