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Ultimate Ears custom headphones!

These things always look a little weird to me, like the actual shape. Seriously though…I need, need a pair of these. But I am a bit hesitant on dropping $800 on a pair of headphones. But still…I keep hearing the most rave-reviews of these things. Here is the basic run-down: You got to your local audiologist to get impressions made of your ear canals (which I heard is a weird experience), these molds are sent to Ultimate Ears, they then hand-craft a pair of head-phones that are perfectly specific to each of your ears…I have heard the fit is amazing. I believe all their models are ‘dul-driver’ with a high-end component as well as a low-end component. I mean…I don’t have a pair, so I can’t be crazy informative in this post…but I have heard some really amazing things about these. I’m really getting sick of buying the Sony in-ear ones to have the break…I’m on my 3rd or 4th pair right now. So anyone who has these or knows more about them from first hand experience…hit me up, I’m interested in learning more.