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Brill uber

Uber. Semi-late. Don’t be ultra-late!!!

Catching a cab is a lot easier said than done. Especially when your “just-10-minutes-away” late for a meeting uptown. Increase the degree of difficulty if you rarely carry cash. I first heard of uber like a year ago. Always skeptical of a new app on the iPhone, Uber sounded too good to be true. You just take a photo your credit card and it automatically scans the numbers and your pretty much locked and loaded. Choice of a regular cab, town car, SUV or scooter in Europe. The map pops up and you can see if your guy is driving the wrong way to get you and everything. No cash exchanged cause it all linked to your credit card. The receipt gets emailed straight to you. Ultra-easy. In a world where there are still cabs that don’t take a credit card, this is a savior. Uber so modern. So many cities. I use it in LA, NYC and Paris. Come Basel time Miami better get their shit together. Getting a cab there is a mess. Thank God for Steve Jobs. Again.