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Twista & Pharrell – Lavish!

See, the beat is lavish. Remember that ‘Girls Best Friend’ song that Jay-Z did a while back? How the beat actually sounded like a diamond? Same things with this beat…it just sounds lavish. Now, being from Park Forest/Heights area, I am somewhat required to like Twista, and honestly, I actually like his flow on this track…but I am really feeling feeling Pharrell on this track. …If you look you in the sky and you don’t see your dream, don’t feel defeated, cause trust me you can build it… Somewhat corny, but so fresh with the delivery. For real, almost relaxing. The more I listen to this, I really like Twista’s little chorus as well. Fresh new track for you to listen too…I bet it sounds beautiful in the car as well. Check the Ill Community on AllHipHop for this track. ***Update: This song keeps getting better as I listen to it, good hip-hop music. ...flipping work is just like, flipping real-estate…