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652 small, islands 2.0?!

What?! This is crazy…and I think it’s cool, although I haven’t totally made up my mind yet. So I always post various islands I want to visit someday, places that spark my imagination, places that inspire me to day-dream more often…etc. So I have to post on something like this…just have to. Here is the basic idea: It’s a web-based community where you can actually visit and/or interact with a real community of island dwellers in Fiji. Kind of like the movie The Beach except its each member of the real island is also a member of the web based community…and anyone can join the web-based community then become a tribe member, at various different levels, where they actually travel to and participate in the actual island experience. I’m making this sound super confusing. You’re best bet would be to check the site at the link below. I got the info on this from National Geographic’s Adventure magazine. Hmm…kind of a wild idea…what category should I have put this in?!