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Travel! South Dakota?

Ha, it might not be the euro-jet-setting that my man Virgil is doing right now, but I’ve got some family business to attend to…a family reunion actually. And honestly, isn’t it fun to experience something totally different every once in a while? I think I’ll do a trip photo set of some sort, document the great plains states a bit. I mean, I went there when I was a little kid, so it’ll be somewhat familiar…but its been a while. Actually, its been a long time since I’ve been out of the ‘city’ environment in general - it’ll be a nice break. I can’t wait to check the stars at night. Anyone know of any spots I should check out in the Watertown/Sioux Falls area? ***Totally off subject, this new GLC track ‘Riding by Myself’ that just came dropped on the web? ‘I ride my car so cold…’ That hand-clap??! Love it. And hey, there you have it, THE BRILLIANCE! at it’s finest…I’ll reference South Dakota and GLC in the same post. Where else on the web do you get that? Ha.