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Tom Sachs / Nike event. "An experience in physical strength building and manual dexterity." !!

Reporting live from a Boingo hotspot @ the Marine terminal at LGA...why is Delta flying out of here now?? Odd spot. Anyway, man - the Nike / Tom Sachs thing last night. Crazy / weird / incredible. Was texting some friends last night like, how do even explain that event? As with any of these events - there was a proper DJ setup (s/o Acyde and Tremaine), drinks, etc, etc, etc. The actual point of the whole thing though was the screening of "The Hero's Journey" a 40 minute film by Tom Sachs and Van Neistat...quite good, and then this crazy obstacle course explained as "An experience in physical strength building and manual dexterity." - it was no joke a series of about 9-10 physical and dexterity challenges you had to go through. After the film you were told: "You can choose the difficult path ahead or be a pussy and choose the easy path and walk around the party." Lol. If you choose the hard path - which I did - you were given a full branded Nike/Tom Sachs jump-suit which you needed to change into. So crazy and weird, loved it. The challenges started started off with a knotted rope climb to the ceiling of this warehouse (!) but included flying mini RC helicopters, trapeze swinging over a decent size pond of water, learning to tie a very specific knot, doing clap push-up until you broke form, jumping across polygonal "rocks" because the floor was lava, lifting progressively heavier weight while repeating his mantras aloud, and a ton of other quite random stuff...again, all of this was an actual Tom Sachs installation. And to trip you out the entire time - Tom himself was often standing next to you watching you. ?!?! Truly one of the more avant garde experiences I've had in my life...all taking place on Governors Island that Nike rented their own Ferry to shuttle you to. Crazy. Qwehlo!!! thank you for the invite and sorting me out man. ****All this and I'm not even a sneaker guy...ha.