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Tom Cruise… ...?

I mean, congratulations on bagging Katie Holmes, I can’t front on that. But honestly, I give this dude 10 years…max. He will be a complete nut case. While I don’t read tabloids or anything, I do read Page Six, check Getty, and try to follow pop-culture to a certain extent…and if you are the same, you would most likely agree with me, Tom Cruise is slowly slipping off the edge of reality. I’m sorry to knock Scientology, but yo, a dude who writes science fiction books started the religion…! Am I the only one who see’s this?! That’s like the plot to some funny-ass movie right there. But yeah, you got Tom Cruise talking about aliens and that ‘we are not alone’ in interviews (CNN) right after he stars in War of the Worlds. He’s taking his work home with him for sure. Jumping on sofas on Oprah…I don’t care how famous he is, let him put those size 5 ½ cowboy boots on my sofa, I’d rock his legs like Charlie Murphy did to Rick. Making his girlfriend switch over to his religion and constantly making out in public?! The list goes on… He was always a little creepy in interviews, but for real, he is going crazy. You read it here on THE BRILLIANCE! first. Top Gun was dope though.