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Thom Yorke’s Solo Thing!

It’s been out for a minute…and I’ve been listening to it for quite a while to fully decide if I like it or not. And finally, the jury is out kids…I like it. Lately both Chuck and I have phased a bit out of hip-hop and into some different stuff…basically ever since I started listening to Bob Marley again while vacation o Siesta Key I have fallen more and more into chill out music, and spacey music. This Thom Yorke is a fantastic look for just that. The track ‘Skip Divided’ can be played for an hour straight…let alone the whole album. Which actually only has like 11 songs I think. A nice break from these 18-20 track albums. But yeah, great album…chill, quiet but still ‘ever-looming’ as Radiohead seemed to always be. And I honestly just really like Thom’s whole style, the whole package of ‘Thom Yorke’ is well delivered. Is this even out for retail yet?