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This just in: Louis Vuitton makes crazy $$$!

I love LV. I’ve said it in interviews and in my posts. No, I didn’t start ‘rocking’ it cause Kanye talks about it. I bought my first piece when Kanye was still living in Chicago…ironically enough I copped it in Chicago on Michigan Ave back when the Louis store is where the new Lacoste store is in Water Tower…if you’re down with all that. So they are launching a much needed redesigned website (I hate that flash product scroll thing) and they just recently opened their largest retail presence on the Champs-Elysees…the pictures from the opening looked pretty wild. What is real crazy about this new store, get this: It took 2 years to build but will be profitable in its first month. What?! Either they got a good deal on nails, screws, and 2x4s or we are paying too much for a wallet. I love what they do…what can I say? For real though…long live Louis Vuitton. And please ladies, step up your game; get rid of the fakes and buy something in the Damier pattern for once!