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This iPhone…not sure.

Yeah, I’m sure everyone wants to read yet another piece of writing regarding the iPhone. I mean, I guess all things aside – its pretty damn amazing to look at the animal, or monster, that Apple + public have created. This is really just insane stuff here – and while yes, its just a phone/gadget, it stands to make or break a lot of people and a lot of bank accounts at its launch. The effect on Apple stock could be pretty crazy – in either direction. So am I getting one? If you asked me 3-4 weeks ago it would have been a total no-brainer. I had to have it, period, no questions asked. My plan was to use a Blackberry during the day, then swap the sim into my iPhone for at night…that kind of a thing. I have been informed this cannot be done. And having an email app that only checks my messages every 15 minutes is a no-go for me. I love push email, one of those things I’d have a hard time giving up. So I guess that’s the deal breaker for me…its not a super, super powerful email device like Blackerry. Now, if Steve Jobs somehow gets the Blackberry gang to do a collaboration – that would be a whole different story. So I’m honestly pretty bummed – I really, really want the device… But 60-70% of my email is mobile – so its not looking good. ***Obviously the second after one of my friends gets it I’ll have to have it…but in the mean time I’ll be enjoying a Coors Light on Friday instead of waiting in line at Cingular.