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This BlackCrackberry 8700!!

I finally did it. I caved in and got a Blackberry. I’ve been avoiding smartphones for years now because I didn’t want to get really sucked into it…but honestly - if you have some self-control - it’s not too bad. You don’t have to be ‘that guy’ who is always playing on his phone constantly. In fact, one of the very first things I did when I got it the other day was make a profile that allowed my phone to ring only when I got a call. No alert whatsoever for any type of message. And sometimes, that’s all you want. Especially if you’re out to dinner with your girl…the point is to spend time with HER, not your email. I already got the lecture…Ha…but anyways - this phone is very fresh - I love the feel of it - it’s not ‘bulky’ - it’s wide, but not bulky. Feels very solid and has great reception. That was one thing I wanted to make sure of - that it had good reception. I got tired of (with my last phone) always saying ‘wait…hang on… ok there, is that bett… wait… ok now, try this, can you hear…no? what?’ My last phone was nothing special, but it had its rough moments like that. So - I’m not using true push email on this since I don’t have the BB email service, but I just use my regular POP account and it checks my mail every 10-15 minutes or so. Doesn’t bother me, I kind of like how it works. The keyboard is a little ‘crunched together’ but you get used to it. Oh, and the best part about the phone? Brickbreaker. What a game…I can’t get past level 15 yet…but I plan to make it to 36 someday. Ha… Wait…wait…I take that back - the best part about the phone is the ability to have Google Maps on it. Wow. Just seriously unbelievable that I can use not only Google maps on here, but Google Earth. It’s a free download too - check that link. A-ma-zing.