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Things I like and use often!!!

What a title for a post…anyways…You’d think with all the namedropping and shine we give to various companies and products, we’d be getting gobs of free stuff, hookups, and emails relentlessly thanking us for driving fives, possibly tens of people to them. No dice. Anyways… Here is a list of things that I use frequently or just on occasion, but that I really love and find totally necessary to live day to day. And by totally necessary I mean could probably manage without them but I think they’re just the BoMb.
+Crest Whitening Expressions Vanilla Mint - This toothpaste is like brushing your teeth with ice cream, I’m serious. You’ll feel like you just got done eating a vanilla ice cream cone mixed with some kind of toothpaste topping.
+On the same track as the last one, Trident Splash Peppermint Vanilla Gum. I keep a pack in my car at all times. This gum is the COOLEST.
+I said it before and I’ll say it again. Triscuits Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil. Eat these with some mozzarella and you’re basically all set. Basically. I had a box of these in my kitchen as well as the Rosemary & Olive Oil ones…my mom was over and she tried them both and said “These taste like stuffing (Rosemary), and these taste like steak (Cracked Pepper)” She was right. It’s like a holiday dinner in a cracker… FINALLY.
+My American Apparel Nylon Taffeta A-Way Jacket, AKA a windbreaker that can roll up into itself and be carried around like a fanny pack or purse. I don’t ever do that though, but if I was like, a hiker or something, then maybe…but yeah…this thing just fits and looks so good. So simple. Great for these beautiful Chicago spring winter-like days.
+TiVo. Actually, I don’t have TiVo, I use whatever Comcast calls their TV recording service…but just as well…recording TV like this…nothing new…but something I find myself constantly grateful for when I don’t feel like sifting through about 1,000 channels plus onDemand…I can just watch old episodes of South Park, Miami Ink, and Ultimate Fighter. And sometimes Doctor 90210.
That’s all I’ve got for now. Tune in next time for “Things I like and use often” when I take a look at my Staples “Easy” button, a calculator with large keys, a Brita filter, and a tub of honey mustard.