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The work of Jeremy Geddes!!!

I’ve said this before…Sometimes you come across an artist who is so talented and so visionary that it kind of makes you sick. You realize you could spend the rest of your life trying to do what they do and would likely barely scratch the surface. A friend recently pointed me towards an artist whose work I had not seen before, which surprised me because I’ve been a big fan of this style of work for a long, long time. That artist is Jeremy Geddes. One of the first pieces of work I checked out on his site was this painting and it really just blew me away. The detail, the haunting feeling in all of his work, the emotion in it…and on top of all that, it’s just cool. Plain and simple…you look at his stuff and just can’t help but think “Wow…this is really, really cool stuff right here…” I’d really love to watch him work on the fine details of some of these paintings. The things in them that only he really knows are there or were painstaking to add that onlookers of his work probably don’t particularly notice specifically, but are absolutely vital to the overall quality of the painting. The lighting he achieves in his work - this for example - has such a perfectly executed classical, romantic feeling to it it just really blows me away. Perfectly subtle in color, lighting, tone, and mood…but striking and disturbing in subject matter and theme. Whether its a zombie or an astronaut… I love it…can’t get enough. And he has affordable prints of his work on the site. Got to love that.