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The Violet Hour, have a drink!

Love this place. I was in Chicago this past weekend catching up with Virgil and doing a little shopping, etc. Good times. A highlight would have to be our visit with some crew to ‘The Violet’ hour, a relatively new (right?) night spot in Wicker Park. Loved it man…super cool. The whole concept is perfect, they only let in as many people as there is seating for, all the drinks are a simple $11 and amazing/well executed, the scene is somewhat hushed and quite ‘un-bar-like’ in its feel, Virgil dubbed interior design as ‘being inside a Tiffanys box’ - a good call, and best of all, the exterior, has no windows and is pretty much comprised of black painted plywood with a very, very simple door. It seriously looks like its out of business or being worked on - just one guy, quite polite, in a suit managing the door. The whole reservation process is kind of wild too - I guess they don’t answer the phone until its dark. Yeah, great spot, great drinks, cool crowd…and very well executed. ***No website, I love that