The Brilliance!


We’re really internet and we’re really back. A website about things Benjamin , Chuck , Virgil , and various friends & guests think are interesting. Little-to-no specific focus, a bit odd, speling errors, and incredibly culturally relevant.


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The Superficial!!!

The Superficial is pretty much like our site, Drudge Report, and Star Magazine all mixed into one incredibly on-point site. The Superficial is essentially a celebrity gossip site, but with more focus on the gossip than the celebrity. I mean, you can’t go wrong with the quality of writing on this site…“I think we can round up anybody who looks to Ricky Martin for guidance and shoot them into the sun…” or “There was a time when I thought bigger was better too, but then one day I was eating my table-sized pancake for breakfast and thought to myself, ‘You know what, maybe this pancake is too big.” HA. I don’t know, I just really love this site. A lot. And if you don’t, you’re a real nancy boy. Also right on is The Superficial having all those really hi-res images to support their posts. Basically, if you start a site with this in your About section, “Our goal is to make fun of as many people as possible.”, and by people you mean out-of-touch celebrities, you’re alright in my book. A few not-work-safe things on the site, just some fair warning. But hey…It’s all good.